Dienstag, 14. November 2006


    I am German.
    My first great love (may God rest his soul!) was born in Romania.
    I am editoring this blog in some kind of English.
    My second great love broght me to the Netherlands.
    I had spent the most relaxing vacation in international waters on a ship under the colours of the Bahamas.
    I am working for an US company.
    My best friends are Croatian.
    I love Italian, Chinese, Indonesian, Turkish and Greek food.
    I love to ski in Switzerland.
    If you want to sweep me off my feet you should bring me sweets called Luxemburgerli
    Last but not least: my new fire-red bike is Swedish! ( :

  2. Spontaneous coffeeklatsch - although I was boring cos I did not know any other topic than my new bike and how I lost the old one. Sorry!