Dienstag, 30. Januar 2007

glimmer of hope

Due to Holger moved to Switzerland I am in a very bad mood. So I decided to come back to the original idea of this blog. I do not wait till I'll recognize a "honey moment" I will search for at least a glimmer of hope each day. No matter how dark the clouds may look like!

sparks 01/30/07:
  1. I carried out things which I kept putting off from one day to the next for a too long time.
  2. I visited Vjeko for 'lekker' coffee to enjoy and inspiring food for thought
  3. I did not loose my way on the walk home. It was the best decision of today to walk instead of taking the tram. By strolling home also my thoughts started to 'walk'.
  4. I found ripe avocados, ready to eat.
  5. Dinner: Caesarsalad - my favourite salad
  6. My todays horoscope, which fitted once more:

    Sagittarius - Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    You may be more serious than usual as you try to understand your emotional and circumstantial limitations. It could be challenging to be as optimistic as others expect you to be, but don't waste energy worrying about it. Look back over the past few years to see how the obstacles you overcame made you stronger. Then forget about what anyone else thinks and do what you know must be done.

Montag, 1. Januar 2007


This could be from me - unfortunately it is not!

Do not save your loving speeches
for your friends till they are dead.
Do not write them on their tombstones,
speak them rather now instead.