Montag, 23. April 2007

Sonntag, 22. April 2007

Donnerstag, 19. April 2007

4/18/07 early morning

Needed to get up earlier than usual cos I had to catch up on the time I came too late last week.
But there was a pro, too. Due to that I saw this marvellous sunrise!

Montag, 9. April 2007

4/8/07 found

By fortune we've found a little nice flotsam museum in Zandvoort.

I recognized that there are no green ones. Why?
1. you cannot get green ones
2. green ones do not get lost
If you have/see green ones, please show it to me!


my parents are here for a visit.
I am happy about it! I really love them!
BUT they want action, action & action!
And when they are finished with it they ask for action!
I am tired and missed some days to post.
: )