Sonntag, 13. Mai 2007

5/11/07 new job, new haircut, new <3


Like every blossom withers and every youth makes place for age, so every stage of life blooms, blooms every wisdom, too, and every virtue within its time and must not last forever.
At every call of life the heart mustbe prepared for leave and new beginning, to give in bravery and without mourning itself to other, new relationships. In every start resides a magic, protecting us and helping us to live. Serenely we shall walk through room and room, not hang on one of them like on a home, world's spirit doesn't want to tie or cramp us, it wants to raise us step by step and widen. As soon as we're at home in any sphere of life and cozy settled down, there's danger we grow tired, only who's ready for departure and for travel, may break away from paralysing habituation. Perhaps the hour of death as well will youthful send us to new rooms, the call of life to us is never ending ... Let's go then, heart, take leave and heal!

Hermann Hesse in: "The glass bead game"